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About  Me

Writing software is a skill that can be learned and will open doors for you to many rewarding opportunities.

I'm Steven Tomlinson, a successful software developer with more than 25 years of professional experience.
My career officially started in the early 90's, when a co-worker showed me Visual Basic 3.0. About 6 months later, I got my first paying gig. Programming a spreadsheet for a V.P at BP, who had bought a Tandy computer from me when I worked at Radio Shack. One thing lead to another.
Since then, I have developed a lot of software using C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including jQuery and AngularJS), VB.NET, Java and every version of Microsoft SQL Server since 6.5. Along with some Oracle and others.
I have also been fortunate to have been able to work on some really cool projects for a variety of organizations and industries, including Las Vegas casinos, airlines, electric utilities, government agencies, startups, and non-profits all with some really smart people.
Currently, I'm available for freelance gigs (remote preferred) and I teach, which is why you are here.

About This Training Course

This series of courses teaches you to use the entire "Microsoft Stack".
You can choose to follow just one Track if you like and still earn an MCSD Certification. However, learning both Tracks will give you the broadest skill-set and each Track compliments the other, rounding out your knowledge of the entire "Stack".
Upon completion of the entire series, you will know how to make Mobile and Tablet Apps for Windows, Android (Google Play), and iOS App Stores. You will also know how to make a web site, a web API, a desktop application, and a cloud service or micro-service.
The first Course, Software Development Fundamentals, is a required Course. Once complete, you may choose to follow the Web Development Track or the Application Development Track. Each Course is made up of a number of Classes.
Each class is approximately 60-45 minutes long, longer if needed.
Each class builds on the previous.
This course is "Pay As You Go". No long-term debt or contractual commitments.
Simply select the course you would like to take and the desired Session Date and Start Time.
You should be able to challenge and pass the following Microsoft Certifications Exams

Microsoft Exam 98-361: Software Development Fundamentals Course# 1 (3 classes)
Required before continuing to a Web or Application Track.
Awarded Microsoft Technology Associate Certificate
Web Development Track Application Development Track
1. Microsoft Exam 70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
Course# 2 (15 Classes)
1. Microsoft Exam 70-483: Programming In C#
Course #5 (13 Classes)
2. Microsoft Exam 70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications
Course# 3 (15 Classes)
2. Microsoft Exam 70-484: Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using C#
Course #6 (13 Classes)
3. Microsoft Exam 70-487: Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services
Course# 4 (15 Classes)
3. Microsoft Exam 70-485: Advanced Windows Store App Development Using C#
Course# 7 (14 Classes)
Awarded Microsoft Certified Solution Developer Certificate (Web Development) Awarded Microsoft Certified Solution Developer Certificate (Application Development)
During the course you will develop several useful applications across different devices.
You learn how to use, and use, GitHub and Visual Team Services as a Source Code Repository.
This will give you a great portfolio of source code samples.

Seating is limited to 8 people.

Classes are live and conducted via Google Hangouts or Skype.

Why I Created and Teach This Course

Long story, short, becoming a Software Developer was one of the wisest choices I have ever made and it has been very rewarding.
I would like to share what I have learned and hopefully help someone change their circumstances for the better. As my career writing software did for me.
So, I developed this course.
I have learned over the years however, something that is free, usually has equivalent value. Either to the giver, receiver, or sometimes both.
So, I charge for my course because I truly believe it holds tremendous potential value. I also teach every class personally, live, and online. So, my time is worth something as well.

How This Course Is Delivered

I take a different approach than most courses by blending online learning with live presentation and discussion.
Classes are delivered using video-conferencing software. This make sit much easier to understand new concepts and try them out immediately, ask questions and discuss more as needed in real-time. Classes are not pre-recorded, not a webinar, or on-demand course.
But you do have a lot of flexibility. I basically setup blocks of time, that can be booked for a specific class within a Course, Each session is taught using Microsoft Curriculum Course-ware and additional learning resources, all included at no additional cost. Some third-party providers may offer optional (and useful) premium or add-on services for a fee, none of which are necessary.
Sessions are offered on a regular basis throughout the week and the calendar is posted on the website. DM me on Twitter @teachyoutocode. Seating is limited, not only because I believe that is one of the keys to providing a great learning experience, but my video-conferencing service works best with 8 people or less.

Why You Should Take This Course

Learning from a mentor is one of the best ways to learn a subject quickly and correctly. There is a huge demand for people who can write software and not just in Silicon Valley for Ivy League graduates and geniuses. There's plenty of work to be done in most mid-size and major cities, not to mention all the opportunities to create your own business.
The Age Of The Software Developer is just beginning as technology and the demand for those who can build that technology continues to grow.
The opportunity to learn and connect with a seasoned professional in this field doesn't happen everyday.
So get started by enrolling today.

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What I Used To Make This Website

The technologies I teach in this course: Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, C#, MVC, Entity Framework with Azure SQL Database, Bootstrap.
Hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud.