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Writing software is a skill that can be learned and will open doors for you to many rewarding opportunities.

This does not mean you need a university degree to succeed as a software developer.
The most effective and efficient way to learn software development is with a mentor.

I'm Steven Tomlinson, a successful, independent consultant and software developer with more than 25 years of professional experience.
I can teach you Software Development.
I will teach you what you need to know to get certified by Microsoft.
I will teach you what you need to know to get started on a great career.

The classes I teach are live, small, and online.
We'll use screen-sharing software to learn collaboratively. This is not a webinar or pre-recorded class.
In a small, live, class, it's easier to ask questions, discuss, and learn more effectively.
Now you can enroll in a live, real-time, online class and learn how to develop software.
My goal is to get you ready for entry-level employment as a programmer.

Tuition is affordable and "Pay As You Go".
No crazy, long-term, debt.

All required software and materials are included with your class.
You will need an Internet connection suitable for Skype or YouTube and Windows 10 to participate.

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Learn High Demand Skills.

Software development continues to be one of the highest paying careers with a low barrier to entry.

You'll Learn...

The Fundamentals of Software Development
There's some basic terms and fundamental concepts about software development that you need to know before you can learn how to use it.
This is where you learn about common algorithms and data structures, different types of software, different approaches to making software using Visual Studio, and dealing with data.
About the ".NET Framework"
This is Microsoft's software library that opens Windows, your computer, smartphone, the Internet, and more for development.
The C# Programming Language
Hello world!...
C#, pronounced c-sharp, is a part of the ".NET Framework". It is one of the most widely used modern programming languages. You'll learn the basics and how to use it to get started making software.
MVC, Scaffolding, Entity Framework, and more!
Learn about the different built-in tools you can use to build working software quickly.
ASP.NET Website Development
This is the "programming platform" you'll use to make a website and publish it to the cloud.
Mobile and Tablet App Development
Today's mantra in software development is "Mobile First". You'll learn how to make apps that can take advantage of the unique capabilities of mobile devices.
Desktop Application Development
Business runs on Microsoft Windows. Knowing how to write software for Microsoft Windows can lead to a rewarding and interesting career.
Learn From A Successful Professional
There's no simpler way to explain why you should take my course, so register today.

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My Guarantee:

I believe that anyone, who has the desire and determination, can learn to write software.

If my course does not provide you the technical skills you need to write software, I invite you back to review or retake the entire course or any of the individual sessions, free of charge.

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